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Our Farm - Sourcing the Finest Beef for the Bay Area

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Welcome to OutWest Beef,

where we take immense pride in the quality and source of our beef. At OutWest Beef, our commitment to providing the best meat delivery in Northern California starts right at our local farm. Join us on a journey to meet our farm and discover the care and sustainable practices that go into every cut of beef we offer.

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Our Local Farm

Located in the picturesque Willows, CA, our local farm serves as the foundation of OutWest Beef. Here, we oversee every aspect of the farming process to ensure that our beef meets the highest standards of quality. Our farm spans acres of lush pastures, where our cattle roam freely, grazing on nutrient-rich grasses. We prioritize a low-stress environment for our animals, allowing them to grow and thrive naturally. By keeping our farm local, we minimize transportation and support the local economy, making our meat delivery truly farm-to-table.


Commitment to Quality Feed

At OutWest Beef, we believe that outstanding beef starts with the care and dedication we invest in our farming practices. Our cattle are exclusively grass-fed and raised on our farm, ensuring a diet free from additives, preservatives, and hormones. By embracing sustainable practices, we not only deliver exceptional meat but also support the environment and the overall well-being of our animals. From the moment our cattle are born to the time they reach your plate, their welfare and the quality of their meat are our top priorities.

As your trusted Northern California butcher, 

we invite you to experience the passion and dedication that goes into our family-owned and operated farm. At OutWest Beef, our commitment to sustainable practices, local sourcing, and a stress-free environment set us apart. Discover the joy of consuming ethically raised and thoughtfully sourced beef through our online butcher delivery service. Trust your palate to OutWest Beef for the best meat delivery experience in Northern California, where family values and a commitment to excellence shine through every bite.

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